September 2018

how to get nail varnish out of carpet 25/09/2018

How to Get Nail Varnish Out of Carpet Using Everyday Household Products

You’re getting ready for your big night out and the worst happens; a big blob of nail varnish lands on your pristine carpet. What do you do? First thing’s first: Don’t panic. Nail varnish might be a sticky nightmare of a stain, but it CAN be removed. All it takes is a collection of everyday household products and a cool head. We’ve created this guide on how to get nail varnish out of carpet using several different everyday products, which most of us are likely to have lying around in... Read More

dulux colour of the year 2019 17/09/2018
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Honey is Home! How to Style the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019

Excellent news! The Dulux Colour of the Year 2019 has been announced, and it’s a goodun’. Introducing Spiced Honey – a surprisingly versatile neutral that you can get really creative with. And here it is: Image: This incredible new hue was chosen by the colour experts at Dulux HQ for its positive vibes, all of which we’re picking up on right now. When we think of honey we think sweet, rich, luxurious and velvety, and the Spiced Honey shade strikes all of these tones perfectly. And just like honey itself,... Read More