November 2015

Cleaning Carpets 27/11/2015 Carpet Care Guide

Slips, spills and stains are inevitable when it comes to carpets. It’s a shame that some of the most common ones are the most difficult to remove! Below, we have some tips on how to remove the most stubborn of stains.

Runner red 27/11/2015 Guide

Here at, we have a wide range of runners and rugs that won’t break the bank. To better illustrate this, we’ve created this infographic that will hopefully give you the inspiration that you may have been lacking!

Wedding Runners 26/11/2015’s Guide to Wedding Preparation

Planning a wedding can be hard work, be it for yourself or someone else. Luckily, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get organised for the big day. Organisation is key. If you haven’t discovered this already, notebooks and other bits and pieces of stationery are your best friend. Make time-orientated goals, but make them realistic. You aren’t going to find your dream dress or venue in a week, so keep this in mind. Create a scrapbook or keep notes of anything nice you spot in... Read More

anti-slip underlay 22/11/2015

Why buy anti-slip underlay?

Anti-slip underlay is a must-have when it comes to carpet runners.  We have a range of anti-slip products for sale, the underlay being just one of them! The benefits An obvious benefit of anti-slip underlay is safety. It’s no good having a stunning carpet runner in your home if you threaten to slip each time you walk on it. The underlay prevents the carpet from shifting against the original flooring, stopping any slips from happening. As well as preventing injuries, this also eliminates the need to adjust the runner frequently.... Read More

Persian Carpet Runner 20/11/2015

Carpet runners for Christmas?!

Christmas is just around the corner; the days are getting colder, shorter, and (hopefully) your home is getting a little cosier! Why not make your home warmer this winter with a nice new hallway runner? Cozy carpet runners in all colours! We stock carpet runners in almost every colour, but if you’re feeling festive already, why not try red, green, or a bit of both? To inject some understated festivity into your home, why not try our plain red “Aztec” runner? For something a bit more out there, our “Persian”... Read More

Carpet Runners 15/11/2015

Why Buy A Carpet Runner?

Not sure if a carpet runner is right for you or your home? Read on to discover just why your home could benefit from a runner. Home-wide benefits If any guests you invite over spot a luxurious carpet runner in your hallways as they enter your home, the more thoughtful will take hopefully their shoes off, stopping any dirt from spreading throughout your home. If you aren’t too lucky with your choice of guests, or if any pets or children inevitably trail dirt from outside, a dark-coloured runner may disguise... Read More