August 2015

5 star Trustpilot Reviews 29/08/2015

Our customers love us – is rated the full five stars on Trustpilot

Many online businesses might try to entice you by placing a small number of gushing reviews from past customers on their website, but a company’s true reliability isn’t measured by whether they can please just the occasional person here and there. Once a company has won approval from hundreds of people, then you can trust them to deliver a great service. We happen to be such a company! You can trust us because you can trust Trustpilot You might have already noticed, as you started your visit to our website... Read More

Flat Weave Rugs 18/08/2015

Flat weave rugs: charmingly traditional in an increasingly modern world

You might have seen the term ‘flat weave’ in many of the product descriptions for rugs stocked on our website, but what does it actually mean? Basically, it means that the rugs have been made through being woven on a loom, instead of the more traditional method of being knotted. And this difference has more significance for the rugs than you might currently realise. A dying art.. or is it? In an age of factories that enable quick mass production, the more traditional craft of flat weaving has long been... Read More

English Heritage Building 18/08/2015

Traditional carpets can give your home more historical beauty

Thanks to heritage organisations like English Heritage and the National Trust, it is easy for many of us to visit beautiful buildings from several decades or even centuries ago. And, when we do visit these structures, we are often wowed by their interiors and think “wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a building like this?” Well, through careful use of carpets from, you – at least, almost – can.

Animal Print Rugs 02/08/2015

Is an animal print rug for you?

There is a whole section of the website dedicated to our stock of animal print rugs, but there are good reasons why you might not have looked at it. There are some myths about such rugs, and these myths can deter people from buying them. So, what myths exactly do we mean? Animal print rugs can make your home look more, not less, vibrant Some people can be enticed by the prospect of buying several animal print rugs. Indeed, the great prices that we at charge for our... Read More