June 2015

glen hoddle wedding runner 25/06/2015

What’s the point of a wedding runner?

Are you looking to tie the knot over the next year, or are you helping out a friend or relative who is? If so, you’ll probably know all about the stresses associated with preparing for the big day. Just think about it: you need to book or arrange stuff like the venue, wedding car, bridal dress, the groom’s outfit, maybe hotel rooms for your guests, a speciality caterer, a wedding photographer, and a videographer… When you’re charged with organising all of this stuff, it’s easy to forget about something as... Read More

striped carpet runners 17/06/2015

Tips for making striped carpet runners look good in your home

Take even a cursory glance at the range of carpet runners stocked by and you should see just how diverse they are in design, not just colour. You are, then, unlikely to be too surprised to realise that a huge section of our carpet runners come with stripes – but you need to be careful when considering which of these runners to buy and where and how you should lay them in your home. You can make your home look both retro and modern You might want your home... Read More

Stair Runners Colours 11/06/2015

Why Colour Is Everything When Buying Stair Runners

Alright, so that above title may not be entirely true… we’re not denying that things like width and style matter a lot when you’re in the market for stair runners. But let’s leave all of that to one side for a moment. Why does the right colour of stair runner matter so much? Setting the ambience First of all, just think of all of the great things that the right colours do for your home… and by extension, your life. They’re absolutely decisive in setting a certain ambience. Just think... Read More

Wedding Aisle Runners 03/06/2015

An introduction to wedding aisle carpet runners

Let’s face it: many of us would love to get hitched, but as for whether you will be tying the knot at any time soon? Well, only you can really answer that question. Maybe you are already with someone very special who has popped the question. Or, perhaps, you are among those feeling like that dream wedding day is far in the distance… sigh. Whatever your own situation here, you may have noticed that stocks wedding aisle carpet runners and wondered what exactly they are. A brief history of... Read More