April 2015

Tulip_Stairs_Queens_house_greenwich 20/04/2015

5 of the world’s most stunning staircases

As impressive as we know your own home staircase will look once you’ve installed one of our fabulous stair runners, even we’ll admit that it would be overwhelmed by one of the staircases on this list. Here are just a few of our favourites among the most astonishing staircases from around the world. Tulip Stairs at the Queen’s House, Greenwich We’re start in good old Blighty, with a set of stairs that made history as Britain’s first geometric self-supporting spiral stairs. They’re every bit as elegant as you’d expect, although... Read More

Stair Carpet Runner 12/04/2015

Why bother with carpet or stair runners anyway?

The strips or rugs of carpet that we like to call carpet or stair runners have become a real mainstay of the British home, to the point that so many customers would feel their houses were naked without them. But what if you’re yet to be convinced? Couldn’t you do without a carpet runner, or perhaps have a fully-fixed carpet instead? Well, in theory, you could, but benefits like the below make carpet runners a ‘no brainer’ purchase for many of us! Safety Flooring and stairs completely lacking any carpet... Read More

Tribal Carpet Runners 05/04/2015
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4 interior design trends not to be missed this summer

You might think that it’s all a bit silly to be revamping your home just because we happen to have transferred from one season to the next – after all, this isn’t the catwalk! But actually, here at, we’re all in favour to switching things up in your humble abode from time to time, and the following trends could give you great ideas as to how to do it. Green, green, green… It might seem the obvious thing to do to bring a load of new potted plants into... Read More