August 2014

Carpet 27/08/2014

Choosing the Right Carpet Runner Material

Carpet buying is a large investment that many homeowners will make upon buying a new property. Redecorators will also see it as a large, but worthwhile, expenditure as it can transform the appearance of your home and take your interiors from dated and drab to new and luxurious looking. This post will offer you some tips on how you can ensure that you buy the right kind of material that will be suitable for your carpet and/or hallway runner. Why Carpet Material Matters The price and quality of your chosen... Read More

Hoovering Carpet 22/08/2014

How to Keep your Carpets Looking Great for Years to Come

 One of life’s simple pleasures is the feeling underfoot of walking on soft, new carpet. Its springiness, that lovely ‘new’ smell, how pristine and perfect it looks when it’s just been fitted. It’s no wonder that many home-owners invest in getting new carpets fitted almost as soon as they move into a new property. However, after a few weeks or months that ‘new carpet’ look begins to fade. This post will offer tips on how homeowners can keep their carpets and carpet runners looking and feeling fabulous for years to... Read More

Measuring Guide 15/08/2014

Introducing the Runrug Measuring Guide

When it comes to first impressions, your entrance way sets the interior design ‘tone’ for visitors to your home. So an attractive hallway and stair runner will make them feel warm and welcome. However, stair and hallway runners are not only a good aesthetic choice for your furnishings; they’re also a practical and comfortable option for homeowners with hardwood floors. A well-fitting carpet runner can create a warm padding underfoot during the winter months as well as protect your floorboards from everyday wear and tear. For carpet runners to be... Read More