'anchoring' living room rug 11/12/2014

How Rugs can Liven up Your Living Room Decor

When it comes to interior design ideas for the living room, wall decoration sets the tone, lighting creates the atmosphere and furniture… well the furniture gives you somewhere to put your feet up after a long day. However, when it comes to pulling off a cohesive living room look, a statement rug can really bring that ‘finished’ quality to your design scheme, transforming a communal space from drab to fab! Rugs for the living room add texture, colour and cosiness, plus they can be used to define different areas of... Read More

Puppy 29/10/2014

Carpet SOS: Pet owner’s tips for keeping your carpets looking good

Are you one of those pet owners who always asks visitors to your home, ‘Can you smell that? Does my house stink of pet odour?’ It’s embarrassing for your guests because nine times out of ten, yes, yes it does smell and a lot of that has to do with the build-up of pet hair and stains which haven’t been cleaned up properly. But don’t worry readers, because it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have pets and still have a clean and fresh smelling home. Read on... Read More


Puppy Vs Stairs: How you can help your Dog Overcome Fear of Staircases

One of the toughest things a dog has to learn is how to go up and down staircases. For a teeny pup faced with the ‘Everest’ of your average staircase at home, your patience and consideration as a dog owner is needed to help them face this fear. This post will show you some videos of some cute dogs negotiating the stairs, to give you the puppy’s perspective of this most formidable of foes and give you some tips on how you can help them out and make their transition... Read More

New Carpet Runner 11/09/2014

Carpet Buyer’s Checklist: How to Prepare for your Carpet Installation

Buying a new carpet runner for your hallway/staircase is an important purchase, as this section of carpeting is frequently used by you and visitors to your home. Naturally, you will want it fitted safely and securely, to ensure it doesn’t slip and that you get the maximum lifespan out of it. are in touch with a number of highly recommended carpet installation specialists. On buying a carpet runner from us, we will put you in touch with a carpet fitter in your area. In the meantime, here are some... Read More

Carpet 27/08/2014

Choosing the Right Carpet Runner Material

Carpet buying is a large investment that many homeowners will make upon buying a new property. Redecorators will also see it as a large, but worthwhile, expenditure as it can transform the appearance of your home and take your interiors from dated and drab to new and luxurious looking. This post will offer you some tips on how you can ensure that you buy the right kind of material that will be suitable for your carpet and/or hallway runner. Why Carpet Material Matters The price and quality of your chosen... Read More

Hoovering Carpet 22/08/2014

How to Keep your Carpets Looking Great for Years to Come

 One of life’s simple pleasures is the feeling underfoot of walking on soft, new carpet. Its springiness, that lovely ‘new’ smell, how pristine and perfect it looks when it’s just been fitted. It’s no wonder that many home-owners invest in getting new carpets fitted almost as soon as they move into a new property. However, after a few weeks or months that ‘new carpet’ look begins to fade. This post will offer tips on how homeowners can keep their carpets and carpet runners looking and feeling fabulous for years to... Read More

Measuring Guide 15/08/2014

Introducing the Runrug Measuring Guide

When it comes to first impressions, your entrance way sets the interior design ‘tone’ for visitors to your home. So an attractive hallway and stair runner will make them feel warm and welcome. However, stair and hallway runners are not only a good aesthetic choice for your furnishings; they’re also a practical and comfortable option for homeowners with hardwood floors. A well-fitting carpet runner can create a warm padding underfoot during the winter months as well as protect your floorboards from everyday wear and tear. For carpet runners to be... Read More

Ciao 14/07/2014

Monochrome Carpet Runner & Rug Round-Up –

Here at, we love monochrome. The bold combination of black and white is a timeless style statement which is remarkably easy to pull off in an interior design scheme (no worrying about matching up different shades). In fact, you can even loosen the monochrome up a bit by adding splashes of bright colours here and there; the monochrome look is as versatile as it is sleek and modern looking. So with that in mind, we are proud to present our favourite picks from the monochrome rug and carpet sale... Read More

Comp 15/01/2014

Keep Calm and Win a Rug!

To welcome in the New Year and give you all a chance of adding a new addition to your home, we have launched a competition giving you the chance to win one of the popular items found in our bedroom and childrens rugs section. All you need to do is visit our Facebook page and comment on our competition image finishing off ‘Keep Calm and…’ with your own creative ending! ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is a phrase that was spread across every accessory that you could find in 2013,... Read More