November 2013


Decorate Your Home With Cosy Colours

This time of year can be uninspiring with the dreary weather outdoors, but you can also turn it into a positive! With the outside weather too cold to venture out in on a weekend, why not focus on redecorating your home? The UK weather is known to be dull and chilly right through the winter months, so it is a fantastic idea to mix up your colour scheme for a cosier feel. Here are three colours you could try:   Red The first colour that comes to mind when you... Read More


Making Your Home Feel Warm in Winter

The clocks have changed, autumn is in full swing and winter feels as though it is just around the corner. This time of year makes us all want to hibernate and watch the cold weather outside from the comfort of our homes. These coming months can also bring expensive heating bills when trying to keep rooms at a nice temperature, but there are ways you can make it feel toastier with these simple tips: Curtains If you have windows in your home which are bare or simply covered over with... Read More