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Brushed Chrome

Brushed chrome stair rods make the perfect decorative accessory for introducing a muted contemporary tone to your interiors. The cool, metallic tone of chrome makes for an effortless match for practically any stair runners colour, allowing you maximum freedom when it comes to choosing your final look. While classic chrome stair rods have a high shine, our brushed chrome stair rods offer the same silvery tone but with a artistically burnished finish, toning down the shine without dulling the colour. What’s more, our stair rods are designed to be hollow yet incredibly strong, giving you a robust and affordable alternative to solid metal stair rods without ever compromising on appearance or quality.

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Choose Your Style

Our brushed chrome stair rods are available to buy in a variety of sophisticated designs, helping you tailor your finished look to your exact taste. You could go smooth and simple with our classic plain stair rods, or you could go down the more decorative route with a set of our intricately spiralled or reeded designs for extra texture. You’ll also notice our stair rods range includes a variety of stylish finial designs including classic spheres, arrows and even crystal finials, all finished in our beautiful brushed chrome style.

Choose Your Length

Once you’ve chosen your style and finials, it’s time to ensure you’ve got the perfect length. The good news is all of our brushed chrome stair rods can be ordered in absolutely any length, meaning no staircase is ever too wide or too narrow for the runrug® team. Simply select your ideal length during the purchase process and let us take care of the rest.